Recommended for All skin types

Recommended for burns after sunbathing and others

Evens out scars

Smoothes and elasticises skin

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Collagen is the most present protein in the whole organism. It's thanks to collagen our skin is firm and hair strong and shiny.

Collagen is a protein responsible for elasticity of skin, tendons, bones, joints, muscles, blood vessels, eyes, gums, hair and nails.

10 milligrams of soda

9,4 grams of protein

Small amounts of potassium,

phosphor and iron

Collagen is available in a form of cream or liquid. It can be found in online stores or shops with organic food.

The supplements containing collagen can be bought In pharmacies. While buying collagen it is worth to give a closer look at the ingredients. The best quality collagen contains no fillers, sugar or artificial preservatives.

In 10 grams of collagen you’ll find:

Fish collagen helps in the healing of scratches, wounds and scars. It is indispensable in all skin healing processes as it enhances creation of new tissues. Thanks to collagen wounds disappear noticeably faster and regeneration process goes smoothly.

Fish collagen Has another intriguing quality- it is antibacterial. In tests conducted in Canada it was established that it stops development of Staphylococcus Aureus.

Collagen prevents early ageing of skin- it improves its elasticity and firmness. Thanks to maintaining appropriate skin hydration it prevents creation of deep wrinkles

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Producer of Proffesional Collagen is:

Kolagen 100 ml.

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Collagen in capsules

60 tablets

Extra white - face and neckline

Extra grey - whole body

Extra graphit - hair and nails

Graffit Collagen